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Category: Art

A Portal into Joey Stupor’s World

“I’ve always been into drawing and creating things,” said Joey Stupor, a 23-year-old, local artist “However, once I got to high school, painting became my main focus.”

Stupor has always moved to the beat of his own drum—growing up obsessed with the way things work. “I used to take apart of all of my electronics as a kid,” he chuckled. “They I’d save the little pieces to make into sculptures.”

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Don’t Shoot The Animals

The Foxes And Wolves portfolio is the very picture of balance; the work is playful-yet-earnest, thoughtful-yet-natural, comfortable-yet-elevated. It’s no surprise they’ve landed projects with notables like Nike, Athleta, Quiksilver, Taco Bell and Virgin Mobile.

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Heart Felt: Castle of Costa Mesa

“You know that feeling when you see something so painfully beautiful – made with such genuine talent – it knocks the breath out of your chest and cracks your heart in two? When the full expression of human imagination hits you like a ton of wool? I Heart Costa Mesa has discovered that kind of aching beauty and real-deal genius right here, in our city, and they call themselves Castle of Costa Mesa.”

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