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The Next Chapter For Church’s

Living in this city in 2018 sometimes feels like “A Tale of Two Costa Mesas.” There’s the first city, the original city, the city of years past. This version of the city is fueled by fond memories, cherished memorabilia, deep family roots and historical significance. It mattered, and matters, to lots of residents – it is home, after all. Yet it finds itself increasingly out-of-place in a relentlessly-modernizing Orange County. The second city, the new city, is the Costa Mesa of opportunity and renewal…

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Farm It Out: SOCO Farmers’ Market

The beauty of living in a city as diverse and eclectic as Costa Mesa is the panoply of pastimes laid before us. From social clubs to health clubs, escape rooms to spring blooms – and everything in between – this town is truly replete with recreation. Lucky us! Luckier still every Saturday morning from 9am – 2pm, when the charming, community-minded SOCO Farmers’ Market comes to South Coast Collection, in the parking lot adjacent to The OC Mix.

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Home Skillet: Side Street Cafe

Born and raised from the small-town vibe of Cleveland, Ohio, Diane Beach brought a unique approach to the Costa Mesa restaurant industry. “Who you know, how much money you make, what car you drive—all that nonsense isn’t important to me,” Beach explained.

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Local Recipe: Prime New York Steak For Two

“Our Prime New York Steak recipe is truly delicious. It’s our Spanish, tapas-style version of a classic, crowd-pleasing meal. We start with an Aleppo crème fraîche, then layer on crispy, fingerling potatoes and tender, juicy steak seared to perfection. We then add roasted, green-garlic bulbs and top it all with our feta salsa verde (which almost serves as a chimichurri sauce.) It’s a unique but satisfying, all-in-one dish that’s sure to impress even the most discerning guests. Enjoy!” – Chef Chun

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Rolling In Dough

One of the 5,378,253 things we love best about Costa Mesa has got to be the culture. Despite our city’s smallish size (somewhere between 15 and 16 square miles, depending on who you ask) we pack one heck of a cultural wallop. Costa Mesa is brimming with industry, creativity, education, action sports, mom-and-pops, big names, history, diversity, craftsmanship, generosity, performing arts and food, glorious food!

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The Mini-Mart With Heart

Hearting Costa Mesa is hungry, thirsty work. (You know the feeling, right?) You’re out shining smiles up and down 17th Street – just beaming bliss all over paradise, per usual – when suddenly, hanger strikes. The smile turns snarly as your heart-shaped glasses slowly slide off your face. You’re so depleted you can barely even cartwheel with Costa Mesa pride (let alone double-pike-triple-layout-tuck.) It’s a sad state of affairs, indeed. Well, fear not, faithful Costa Mesan. You haven’t lost your love of city; you just need to get your snack on.

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