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Lisa Albert: Art From The Heart

Hearting Costa Mesa is such an adventure! There’s a discovery behind every door, artwork down every alley and something truly notable tucked in every nook and cranny. No matter how much we cover Costa Mesa, we still make new discoveries on the daily. Today’s feature is a perfect example. We had no idea they existed, let alone for over 25 years. But now that we’ve become acquainted with Lisa Albert Art Studio, we can’t imagine 17th Street without this charming, makerspace oasis.

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The School Of Art

As another school year wraps up in The City Of The Arts – and Costa Mesa students count down the days until summer break – I Heart Costa Mesa headed down to the campus of Orange Coast College to learn more about their popular Visual & Performing Arts program.

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At The Chamber Door

Costa Mesans are a giving people. There’s a pulse of generosity that beats through this city, powered by neighbors as likely to give you the shirt off their back as a pat on yours. Groups, committees, associations, teams, volunteers…

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Splash And Learn

And today we mean “dive in” in the most-literal sense, because we’re happily highlighting the pool-based program that’s quickly become the pride of Newport-Mesa: the Costa Mesa Aquatics Club, or CMAC (pronounced: see-mac), for short. When it comes to harboring a deep and abiding love for Costa Mesa, we are hard-pressed to find people who wear it louder or prouder than the swimmers, polo players, coaches and staff at this popular, non-profit program.

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La Historia: The Diego Sepúlveda Adobe

This land we now call Costa Mesa has lived many former lives. In the wayback days before streets and settlements, entirely different societies and cultures made their home on the mesa.

The earliest recorded example is the Tongva tribal village of Lukup, whose rounded huts – called ki – were believed to have covered what is now the Fairview Park bluffs and surrounding areas.

More recently, in the ranchos days of the early 1800s, that same part of Costa Mesa became an estancia (“ranch estate”) and the land was used for grazing cattle. It was likely during this period in history, around 1820 or so, that the building now known as The Diego Sepúlveda Adobe was built.

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Don’t Shoot The Animals

The Foxes And Wolves portfolio is the very picture of balance; the work is playful-yet-earnest, thoughtful-yet-natural, comfortable-yet-elevated. It’s no surprise they’ve landed projects with notables like Nike, Athleta, Quiksilver, Taco Bell and Virgin Mobile.

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Heart Felt: Castle of Costa Mesa

“You know that feeling when you see something so painfully beautiful – made with such genuine talent – it knocks the breath out of your chest and cracks your heart in two? When the full expression of human imagination hits you like a ton of wool? I Heart Costa Mesa has discovered that kind of aching beauty and real-deal genius right here, in our city, and they call themselves Castle of Costa Mesa.”

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