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Bocce Me, Bambino

We don’t just love Costa Mesa for the beautiful weather, beach-close location and endless options for fun, food and festivities – but for the kinds of people this city attracts. Our neighbors have got to be the very best thing about this community and what make it such a unique place. And today’s featured Costa Mesans are nothing if not unique, having created a local, after-work, social league putting a fresh, modern spin on an ancient sport. The game is bocce ball. The place is Gunwhale Ales. The night is Tuesday and the Costa Mesans are Rachel Wong and Corey Walker, co-owners of Left Coast Sports.

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The State Of Gray

“What makes Costa Mesa different from other places in Orange County?” It’s the question we ask in every, single interview we do. And while the answers have varied from, “independent spirit,” to “lack of that cookie-cutter vibe,” to “blue-collar history,” to “the Segerstrom family” – one theme keeps coming up over and over again: passion. That thankless, penniless, knuckle-down, bootstrappy kind of passion that’s so much a part of who you are, it takes more effort to reign it in than it does to go out and act on it.

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Camp Lila: Behind The Garden Gate

It’s no secret we think Costa Mesa is a pretty magical place. There’s just something about this city – an energy, a scene, a gravitational pull – that inspires creativity, courage and independence. People want to be a part of it. Or as today’s featured Costa Mesan, Katie Sherouse, more eloquently puts it: “Our vibe attracts our tribe.”

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Farm It Out: SOCO Farmers’ Market

The beauty of living in a city as diverse and eclectic as Costa Mesa is the panoply of pastimes laid before us. From social clubs to health clubs, escape rooms to spring blooms – and everything in between – this town is truly replete with recreation. Lucky us! Luckier still every Saturday morning from 9am – 2pm, when the charming, community-minded SOCO Farmers’ Market comes to South Coast Collection, in the parking lot adjacent to The OC Mix.

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Fall Into The Trap

One of the best things about Costa Mesa is there’s always something fun to do. Golfing, mushing, felting, sweating, rocking out – the list goes on and on! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes to town and the thrill of discovery begins all over again. So we were thrilled to discover a fun, Costa Mesa first, recently, when we popped in on TrapZone Escape Rooms in the SoBeCa District.

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Hit The Trail

This city is made great by all the people “just quietly doing their thing.” By and large, Costa Mesans aren’t big on bragging or self-promotion. They don’t necessarily want or need praise…

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Splash And Learn

And today we mean “dive in” in the most-literal sense, because we’re happily highlighting the pool-based program that’s quickly become the pride of Newport-Mesa: the Costa Mesa Aquatics Club, or CMAC (pronounced: see-mac), for short. When it comes to harboring a deep and abiding love for Costa Mesa, we are hard-pressed to find people who wear it louder or prouder than the swimmers, polo players, coaches and staff at this popular, non-profit program.

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The Club Level

Here at I Heart Costa Mesa, we are all about authentic connections; the kind you make when you’re in your most open, community-oriented, heartfelt frame of mind. We love listening, week after week, to the everyday stories that make our town tick. And we’re especially thrilled when those local conversations lead to deeper understanding and new perspectives of this spectacular city of ours. Today’s feature is the perfect example of how easily stereotypes can be swept clean when we connect at the in-person level. That’s because we’re featuring the Mesa Verde Country Club – the local, private, country club of Costa Mesa for over fifty years.

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Biker Babes

A great way to better know your city is to “get lost” within it – find new routes home from work, drive through random neighborhoods and generally learn to take a tourist-eyed view of your very own town. With this sense of newness and discovery, even the most ordinary, Costa Mesa days can reveal extraordinary finds. This exercise is adventure is fun enough to do by car, but the experience is tenfold while tooling around on two wheels. There’s just something about cycling through our city that makes the whole experience “more than.” More real. More sensory. More neighborly. More active. More enjoyable. But if you’re feeling a little shy about getting in that saddle – maybe because you haven’t ridden in a while, feel too overweight for the endeavor, or never learned to ride at all – today’s featured Costa Mesans are here to tell you: anyone can (and should) cycle.

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Running With The Pack

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – lapped up every last drop of cool, creative and quirky our city can dish out – Costa Mesa rounds the corner of the unexpected with new surprises and delights. Today’s feature is one you have to see to believe – but if you spend Saturdays at Fairview Park, perhaps you already have. We’re talking about that cheerful-but-curious collection of canines harnessed to scooters, pulling people; more officially known as the grassroots recreational group, Urban Mushing. It’s a band of merry dog-sledders that meets weekly to give their high-energy breeds a chance to run, pull, focus and socialize – all with happy, healthy results. They’re an eclectic collection of pet owners who don’t let a little thing like our lack of snow stop them from bringing fulfillment to the lives of dogs bred to pull.

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