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Category: Style

When Pigs Fly

“I graduated in 2008 – the worst year to finish school,” sighed Dane Hesse, founder of Eagle & Pig, as he reflected back on his college years. The economy was at its lowest point since 1930, just as Hesse was graduating…”

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The Nickel Tour

We’re coming up on two years since the I Heart Costa Mesa project launched, and since that time we’ve connected with a lot of Costa Mesans (and the lovely people who work in, play in or otherwise love this town.) Along the way, a pattern has emerged in the stories we’ve collected. While people like Costa Mesa for her weather, her beach-close affordability, her big-city-with-a-small-town feel – they fall in love with her details.

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AU & Co: Timeless Fashion With A Modern Twist

“Relatively new to the Costa Mesa scene, Alexandra and Peter Uritis [AU & Co], are a collaborative duo creating clothing for women seeking a classic and vintage wardrobe without sacrificing today’s modern, form flattering materials. We were thrilled to hear the story behind the elegant threads.”

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A Friend In Bead

It’s another beautiful day, here on the Mesa; another beautiful opportunity to get out on the town, meet people, try things, and connect with a yet-undiscovered corner of The City Of The Arts. And if, like us, you’re uniquely interested in the very human, the very local and the very creative, we can’t think of a better way to while away the afternoon than over at The Studio in SoBeCa. It’s a welcoming, little, artisan alcove etched out at The Camp by jewelry designer (and occasional armchair therapist) Stacey Peterson.

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Go For The Fence

Looking for something fun and unexpected to do in Costa Mesa? You’ve come to the right city. Not only is Costa Mesa full of fabulous, weekend outings-du-jour for every age and interest – but the breadth and depth of our offerings ensure you’ll never live the same weekend twice. Take today’s local feature, for example: the Behind The Picket Fence Antiques Show. It’s an up-cycled, shabby-chic extravaganza – highlighting what’s old is what’s new – four times a year in the parking lot of the Piecemakers Country Store.

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The Face Of Flawless

If you scroll through the Flawless Faces social media feeds, two elements of their work immediately grab you: perfect skin and THOSE EYES. “Every artist has their thing,” said Lindgren. “For me, it’s eyes.

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