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More Photos Of 31 Bits

More Photos Of 31 Bits


We are totally heartened by all the big-hearted Costa Mesans making our world a better place – like the fabulous, philanthropic fashionistas of 31 Bits on Superior Avenue.


31 Bits: Blue Sign, Costa Mesa, California

Welcome to 31 Bits in Beautiful Costa Mesa, California | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


31 Bits: Director of Public Relations, Alli Talley, and Brand Director, Jessie Simonson

At the Heart of 31 Bits: Director of Public Relations, Alli Talley, and Brand Director, Jessie Simonson | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


I Heart Costa Mesa: 31 Bits Handmade Beads fro Uganda

Bunches and Bunches and Bunches of Bits | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


31 Bits: Lisa Libertore

The Lovely Lisa Libertore is All Smiles at The Sweet, Little Store on Superior Avenue | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


31 Bits: Empower

31 Bits: Using Fashion and Design to Empower Women | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


I Heart Costa Mesa: 31 Bits Rack Of Bracelets at 1663 Superior Avenue

Bits Come in Every Shape, Color and Size to Fit Every Personality | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


31 Bits: Teal Necklaces

Fashion For Good: Hand Made Jewelry Offers a Helping Hand to Those in Need | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


31 Bits: 1663 Superior Avenue, Costa Mesa, California

Stop by 31 Bits at 1663 Superior Avenue in Costa Mesa | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


I Heart Costa Mesa; 31 Bits Jewelry With A Heart

What to Wear When You’re Hearting Costa Mesa | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


Midway Market, 31 Bits, Costa Mesa, California

You Can Visit 31 Bits For Yourself at Midway Market in Costa Mesa | photo: @byoungforeverphotog


Did you read about our visit to 31 Bits in Costa Mesa, and our interview with two of the founders: Alli Talley and Jessie Simonson? Get the goods here.



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The Mesa Maven

The Mesa Maven is a writer, entrepreneur, community organizer and - most importantly - Costa Mesa Superfan!!! She's simply mad for this Mesa On The Coast and all the creative, independent, amazing, everyday things happening in our sunny backyard. The Maven lives with her husband, two kids and guinea Costa Mesa, of course!

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