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I Hate Complacency

Valerie Torelli, Torelli Realty, Costa Mesa

“I’m a person of action, so I really hate complacency.

“I may not agree with anything you say, but if you are putting your butt on the line for what you believe, I will still stand up and applaud you; because, hey, at least you’re passionate and doing something about it. But complacency? It’s no good.

“Here in Costa Mesa, we might not always agree – but to me, that doesn’t matter. The point is: Do you have that passion for your town? Because this city is a cool place and it’s worth fighting for. Personally, I want to see Costa Mesa thrive, not just survive.

“And I think it really is thriving, and will continue to thrive, because of the entrepreneurial spirit of this city. Costa Mesa really does support entrepreneurs. The city does not make it hard to open a business here. You should go try and start a business at the beach, okay? It’s a nightmare. But the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce is full of good people, very open to new ideas.

“This town has a really great spirit. Lot of artist types, lot of free spirits that value having a balanced life between work and enjoyment. I love the energy here; it doesn’t leave any room for complacency.”

– Valerie Torelli, Torelli Realty, Costa Mesa

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