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Using Our Music For Good

Eric Berringer (aka Cullen Van Stouden), Drummer for King Salamander & Costa Mesa Resident

Photographer: Brandy Young

“Everyone in King Salamander has been playing music forever. We’ve played the bars, the nightclubs, the shows – all the regular kinds of stuff. But this weekend, we have the opportunity to partner with a charity doing some cool things. You know, using our music for good – to give back.

“The charity is this project called Music Heals and it was started by Dr. Chris Duma. He’s a big-time neurosurgeon over at Hoag Hospital. He’s doing important research in the field of how music therapy is changing the lives of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism and Parkinson’s. These issues affect all of us. I mean, everyone knows at least one person in their life touched by one of these brain disorders. So our show is a fundraiser to help that project. They’re a pretty new charity – and we’re new to doing charity events – so it’s pretty exciting.

“I definitely believe in the therapeutic value of music. For myself, I love music and having it around makes a noticeable difference in my mood. If I’m particularly grumpy on a given day, I’ll think to myself, ‘When was the last time you played drums?’ If I haven’t been able to sit behind a drum set and actually play around with the music and be creative, I lose it. Yeah, let’s just say it’s better for everyone in my life when I get behind my drum set at regular intervals.” ♥

Eric Berringer // Drummer // Teacher // Costa Mesa Resident

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