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Why We Heart ♥

 We’ve always seen our city through heart-shaped glasses, and now we’re sharing the view.

I Heart Costa Mesa is a labor of love. Our name really says it all.

We built this website to be a breath of fresh, positive air on the Costa Mesa scene; an enthusiasm infusion.

Year after year, our city is ranked one of the Top 100 Best Places To Live. And our response is: of course it is!

Llama | Centennial Farm | OC Fairgrounds
I Heart Costa Mesa | Taco Mesa | Westside

Costa Mesa has talented, creative artists; rich, California culture; and weather that just won’t quit. We have amazing, local restaurants; unbelievably fun nightlife; and adorable, family-owned businesses.

We have sweet, coastal breezes; lush, green spaces; and neighborhoods to fit every personality and budget. We have high-end shopping, grassroots charities and the best tacos you’ve ever tasted.

And did we mention all the fun ways to get out in nature, soak up the sunshine and break a sweat?

We could go on and on and on…but we don’t have to. Because at the end of the day, what it really all comes down to is this: If you can’t say something nice about Costa Mesa, you just don’t really know her, yet.

So sign up for our newsletter (below) and follow our website and we’ll get you better acquainted.

I Heart Costa Mesa | Sheep Hills | Talbert Nature Preserve
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