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There Are Lots Of Ways To Build A Business…

Siblings Laura Ursini Marroquin and John Ursini at Family-Owned-And-Operated Newport Rib Company, Costa Mesa, in Orange County, California


“There are lots of ways to build a business. For us, our family has always been active in our church – and giving has just been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember. We walk that path here at Newport Rib and it’s always worked out for us, so we keep it up.

“We try to incorporate helping others in everything we do, if it’s possible, beyond the usual giving and hosting banquets and donating meals. One of the way we do that is by using our Goodwill Rollers. They’ve been working for us for two years now, and we love them! They come in and roll our silverware into the napkins for us. We are helping to give employment opportunities to people who might have a hard time finding it, otherwise. And our staff especially loves the arrangement because they used to have to stay an extra 45 minutes each night doing ‘side work.’

“We always have projects going on around here. Things need to be scrubbed, weeds need to be cut – so we recently started bringing in the Trellis L.O.T.S. Community Impact Team to help with that work. They come once a month, in groups of four, to work for five hours. Our restaurant and grounds have never been cleaner! We always make sure to thank them with a nice lunch when they are done.

“From the outside, all of this might look like a simple act of charity, but these programs really do benefit us. They legitimately help our business to thrive and we are so grateful for the help. The restaurant is a really nice place to be when they are here with us.”

Laura Ursini Marroquin (Pictured with her brother, John Ursini), Newport Rib Company, Costa Mesa

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