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Watch: American Gym, Part 1

What’s it like to take a punch? In order to find out, we set up Mister Mesa with a full-contact sparring session at The American Gym in Westside Costa Mesa. But first he needs to get whipped into shape with a week of classes and private training in Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Will he survive? Watch to find out!

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Watch: American Gym, Part 2

Part 2 of 2! (Watch Part 1 here.) Mister Mesa trained for a week at The American Gym in Westside Costa Mesa to try and survive six minutes in the ring with former professional MMA fighter, Jason Drexel. Will he survive? Watch the sparring match and find out!

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Watch: Day of Detox

Today we’re throwing Mister Mesa into not one – but EIGHT – alternative therapies. Ride along as he tries everything from acupuncture to enemas, right here in Costa Mesa. As our human guinea pig, Mister Mesa experiences, on camera, all the things you’re curious about, but too chicken to have tried yourself.

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Listen: Clayton Peterson

Mister Mesa interview with Clayton Peterson, founder and owner of the Boathouse Collective on Costa Mesa’s Westside. Music track by local musician, MC and recording artist, Eduardo Iniestra (DJ Kaboom)…

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Watch: Boathouse Collective

Ride along with Mister Mesa to visit KOCI’s Boatco Radio Show at Boathouse Collective – on Costa Mesa’s Westside. They’re working hard to Keep Mesa Cool with live music, great eats, tasty libations and creative collaboration…

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