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Category: Care

Of Pets And Vets

Our local bipeds aren’t the only wonderful and important residents of beautiful Costa Mesa. This city also has a strong contingent of purrrr-fectly fabulous and furry Costa Mesans for whom life is enjoyed on all fours. We’re talking, of course, about local pets: pooches, mousers, fur babies! Those cuddly companions who make life worth living and are as much a part of the family as any human. But sometimes our domesticated darlings get sick, or require expert help to overcome life’s bumps and bruises.

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Hero Home Makers

Here at I Heart Costa Mesa, we believe the hallmark of a city’s sense of community is more simple and far less measurable: the degree to which its residents show up, participate and care… with full humanity and neighborliness in tact. Not only in the big, splashy ways, (although those can be fun,) but also in the small, quiet acts of kindness that ask nothing in return. And if caring in actionable ways is the path to “true community,” Costa Mesans like Beth Phillips, and her philanthropic foundation, Furnishing Hope, are paving the way.

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A Future So Bright…

So it’s no surprise that in the early 90’s – when the growing incidence of gang violence threatened the future of Costa Mesa’s youth – a group of local parents and city leaders took it head on, and the Save Our Youth Center was born. For over twenty years, through the steadfast dedication of volunteers, donors and community members, SOY has continued to make an immeasurable difference in the lives of young Costa Mesans.

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