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The Next Chapter For Church’s

Living in this city in 2018 sometimes feels like “A Tale of Two Costa Mesas.” There’s the first city, the original city, the city of years past. This version of the city is fueled by fond memories, cherished memorabilia, deep family roots and historical significance. It mattered, and matters, to lots of residents – it is home, after all. Yet it finds itself increasingly out-of-place in a relentlessly-modernizing Orange County. The second city, the new city, is the Costa Mesa of opportunity and renewal…

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Thunderking: Taking Cold Brew By Storm

Nothing brings more joy to the I Heart Costa Mesa team than connecting with fellow Costa Mesa Superfans. So imagine our jubilation when we unearthed Costa Mesa brother-in-hearts, Rexford “Dean” Tompkins of Thunderking Brewing Company. Tompkins is a “local boy” who – since April 2015 – has been quietly (and then not-so-quietly) killing it in the cold-brewed coffee space. If you trip and fall anywhere in Costa Mesa, it will likely be straight into a keg of Thunderking cold brew.

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Farm It Out: SOCO Farmers’ Market

The beauty of living in a city as diverse and eclectic as Costa Mesa is the panoply of pastimes laid before us. From social clubs to health clubs, escape rooms to spring blooms – and everything in between – this town is truly replete with recreation. Lucky us! Luckier still every Saturday morning from 9am – 2pm, when the charming, community-minded SOCO Farmers’ Market comes to South Coast Collection, in the parking lot adjacent to The OC Mix.

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SoBeCa Brewmeisters

Costa Mesa is a study in contrast. Artistic, yet unpretentious. Independent, yet connected. Cozy, yet cosmopolitan. And just when you think you’ve got us pegged as the family-friendly city with that small-town feel – we open up a big ol’ can of Culture and all bets are off. Because while we may be home to some of the cutest, little, ocean-kissed neighborhoods ever to grace a mesa, we’re also rockin’ world-class theater, live music, award-winning restaurants, action-sports industry, SCP, OC Fair and soon the OCMA – to literally name just a few. We’re so packed with culture, our city limits are fit to burst. But until recently, there was one missing ingredient in our cultural cocktail, a key point of omission often used to separate the cultural wheat from the chaff: Costa Mesa’s distinct lack of a brewery.

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The Mini-Mart With Heart

Hearting Costa Mesa is hungry, thirsty work. (You know the feeling, right?) You’re out shining smiles up and down 17th Street – just beaming bliss all over paradise, per usual – when suddenly, hanger strikes. The smile turns snarly as your heart-shaped glasses slowly slide off your face. You’re so depleted you can barely even cartwheel with Costa Mesa pride (let alone double-pike-triple-layout-tuck.) It’s a sad state of affairs, indeed. Well, fear not, faithful Costa Mesan. You haven’t lost your love of city; you just need to get your snack on.

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Like Taking Milk From An Almond

We thought we’d seen all Costa Mesa has to offer, we really did. But then we found ourselves sitting at a long, shiny counter watching co-owners – Roxanne Golkar and Bradley Reitler – quite literally milk almonds. (You don’t see that everyday.) The painstaking process involves raw ingredients, a blender, and an udder-like sack – called a ‘nut-milk bag’ – used to hand-squeeze the contents and release the pure, creamy end-product.

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Wake Up And Smell The Wilson

Wilson Coffee has all the depth-of-flavor you want from a nice, organic brew – with none of the acidity, bitterness or burnt-notes we’ve (unfortunately) come to expect. Adding sugar or milk almost feels like a sacrilege; the rich bouquet invites you to drink it black.

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