On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, we’ve got local chandler (that’s ‘candle-maker’ to some) Jeffrey Smith, founder of Wickid Candle. Wickid Candle is a Costa Mesa-based purveyor of organic handmade candles in masculine scents, like tobacco, musk, ozone, teakwood, tonka and more. Listen in to learn more about candle-making than you ever thought possible, then go check out Smith’s full line of organic candles at wickidcandle.com – or smell them for yourself, every weekend, at the OC Market Place here in Costa Mesa.

Connect with Jeffrey Smith and Wickid Candle:

Online: https://www.wickidcandle.com/

Instagram: @wickidcandle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wickidcandle/

On This Episode, We Discuss:

OC Market Place: http://www.ocmarketplace.com/

OC Made: http://www.ocmarketplace.com/oc-made

Magnolia Salon: http://magnoliasalonoc.com/

Seabirds Kitchen: https://www.seabirdskitchen.com/

Tewinkle Park: https://www.travelcostamesa.com/play/recreation/parks/tewinkle-park/

Costa Mesa Adult Softball League: https://www.costamesaca.gov/city-hall/city-departments/parks-and-community-services/adult-sports/adult-softball-league

Fish Fry: https://www.cmnhlions.com/fish-fry/

Costa Mesa American Little League: https://www.cmallbaseball.com/

Costa Mesa National Little League: http://cmnll.org/

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