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Category: Hire

The State Of Gray

“What makes Costa Mesa different from other places in Orange County?” It’s the question we ask in every, single interview we do. And while the answers have varied from, “independent spirit,” to “lack of that cookie-cutter vibe,” to “blue-collar history,” to “the Segerstrom family” – one theme keeps coming up over and over again: passion. That thankless, penniless, knuckle-down, bootstrappy kind of passion that’s so much a part of who you are, it takes more effort to reign it in than it does to go out and act on it.

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Don’t Shoot The Animals

The Foxes And Wolves portfolio is the very picture of balance; the work is playful-yet-earnest, thoughtful-yet-natural, comfortable-yet-elevated. It’s no surprise they’ve landed projects with notables like Nike, Athleta, Quiksilver, Taco Bell and Virgin Mobile.

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