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A Portal into Joey Stupor’s World

“I’ve always been into drawing and creating things," said Joey Stupor, a 23-year-old, local artist "However, once I got to high school, painting became my main focus.” Stupor has always moved to the beat of his own drum—growing up obsessed with the way things work. “I used to take apart of all of my electronics as a kid," he chuckled. "They I'd save the little pieces to make into sculptures."

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A Friend In Bead

It's another beautiful day, here on the Mesa; another beautiful opportunity to get out on the town, meet people, try things, and connect with a yet-undiscovered corner of The City Of The Arts. And if, like us, you're uniquely interested in the very human, the very local and the very creative, we can't think of a better way to while away the afternoon than over at The Studio in SoBeCa. It's a welcoming, little, artisan alcove etched out at The Camp by jewelry designer (and occasional armchair therapist) Stacey Peterson.

Hero Home Makers

Here at I Heart Costa Mesa, we believe the hallmark of a city's sense of community is more simple and far less measurable: the degree to which its residents show up, participate and care... with full humanity and neighborliness in tact. Not only in the big, splashy ways, (although those can be fun,) but also in the small, quiet acts of kindness that ask nothing in return. And if caring in actionable ways is the path to "true community," Costa Mesans like Beth Phillips, and her philanthropic foundation, Furnishing Hope, are paving the way.

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Partly Cloudy
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