Clay + Community: Costa Mesa Ceramics

Can working with clay lighten your load? Yes, says a recent study profiled in Psychology Today. Researchers found that people who worked with clay were less depressed, and they discovered an improvement in their overall sense of well-being. They also have marked improvements in motivation, mood, and decision-making. Where can you get some of this mood-boosting clay time, locally? Right over on the Westside, at Costa Mesa Ceramics…

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Erik Hale: Launching Locale Magazine

Erik Hale is an interesting guy. Founder and Publisher of Locale Magazine – started right here, in Costa Mesa – he’s taken his premiere lifestyle publication from xeroxes in a binder to multi-city trendsetter! He’s got a great story – including his own “Jerry Maguire moment” – and so many local connections. It’s been a wild ride full of courage, bootstrapping, and community support. Check out the podcast, then check out the latest Orange County issue of his beautiful Locale Magazine… still based here in Costa Mesa!

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Mikhail Alfon: True Blue

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa Show: We talk to fellow podcaster, and Costa Mesa-loving digital marketer, Mikhail Alfon. He – and business partner Nelson Dale – co-founded Blue Light Media, a Costa Mesa-based digital marketing company, specializing in natural products, consumer packaged goods, and startup brands. Check it out!

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Day 93: Emily Brown and the Thing

Living in the City of the Arts – parent to a couple of theater-loving kids – has made #costamesa365 a lot more entertaining than it might otherwise have been. This past week, we caught the live-theater production of Emily Brown and the Thing at Samueli Theater. If you have kids in Costa Mesa, you’ve got to give one of the Samueli Theater children’s productions a try…

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Day 92: Craving CAVA

I’d heard from a few friends that I should give CAVA a go. It’s a fast-casual chain with lots of locations, and there’s one on 17th Street in Eastside Costa Mesa. Described as the “Mediterranean Chipotle” – CAVA specializes in “build your own” bowls, salads, and pita wraps. Sounds promising!

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Spacing Out: Costa Mesa’s New Planetarium

Space, the final frontier. Who among us hasn’t, at one time or another, pondered the incomprehensible vastness of the universe, the placement of planets, the geometry of constellations. It’s human to look to the stars – and what might lie beyond – but it’s not always easy, here in Orange County. Ambient light makes faraway suns hard to see, and the local focus has historically been much more about surf culture than space travel. But as of last week, tides may be tipping a bit more in favor of stargazers…

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Gabrielle Carey: Art From The Heart

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa Show, we catch up with local artist and studio owner, Gabrielle Carey, of Heartfelt Play Studio. Carey is a talented muralist, painter, and maker – and now she’s branching off into offering more classes, camps, team-building events and FREE Community Nights at her beautiful, Costa Mesa art studio…

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Melissa Brown: Big Picture

It’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to be taking pictures. And that’s exactly what Melissa Brown is doing. She’s shooting product shots for her friend and client, Andrea of Luna Reece Ceramics. We’re in Andrea’s Eastside backyard, with a backdrop pinned up against the fence and a collection of colorful ceramic pots around us. I wasn’t planning to participate in this photo shoot, I just wanted to see Melissa in action…

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Mesa Water: In The Drink

Hey Costa Mesa: Do you know where your water comes from? How it gets there? Where it goes? We didn’t… until we invited Shawn Dewane from Mesa Water on the podcast! Now we know *so much more* about local water than we ever thought possible. Dive on in to Episode 3 with us…

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Avanti: Best Feet Forward

There are few things in life more magical than people who have discovered their personal gift, and make expressing it their life’s purpose. It takes courage, conviction and a willingness to stand out from the crowd. Our city of Costa Mesa is a hotbed for this kind of magic, and the story of local studio, Avanti Dance Company, is the consummate “born talented, fully expressed” situation. This local gem doesn’t just shimmer, it shines.

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Joey Lopez: Shreducate Academy

Episode 2, of Season 3, is here! We’ve got Joey Lopez, founder and owner of Shreducate Academy, on the podcast today. Lopez is at the forefront of school skateboarding leagues, kids’ sk8 lessons, and the movement to turn skating into a legit, internationally-recognized sport. We cover so much with Lopez, it’s hard to enumerate! He’s got big plans to make his mark on the skate world…

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2019: Going “All In” On Costa Mesa

We’re back for Season 3 of the I Heart Costa Mesa show! On this kick-off episode to our latest season, Erin and Brandy talk about the decision to start #costamesa365, a new challenge where Erin is trying to only shop in Costa Mesa for an entire year.
Plus, will we ever get Bob Hurley or Wing Lam on the podcast? This, and so much more on this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa show…

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Globe Deli: Sweet and Sauerkraut

Costa Mesa is a city with rich, Orange County history woven throughout its community fabric. Even as our city becomes more modernized – new buildings, businesses and neighborhoods replacing the old at an increasing clip – there are still those Costa Mesans working to preserve important pieces of our past. One iconic business that has meant a lot to locals, for a very long time, is The Globe European Delicatessen (Globe Deli, for short) at 1928 Harbor Boulevard, just north of where it transects 19th Street…

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Winsome Wire: Laurane Elisabeth Designs

…you can’t blame me if I’ve garnered a new(ish) obsession: gorgeous earrings. I’ve refined my taste over time, and while I love some big, bold designs, I can also appreciate a simple hoop. Recently, I discovered Laurane Elisabeth earrings, and I’m obsessed all over again! Clean, simple lines, high-quality, and made-by-hand right here in Costa Mesa. I think I’m in love…

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